Telo Integration is a leading consultative services firm, helping many establishments to make and implement betterstrategic decisions. We have built unrivalled expertise in our core markets where we are widely seen as the integrate solution firm for senior management.

Our clients value us, above all, for the business impact we bring. Whether we are helping enterprise acquire and integrate new ITC solution. 

We are totally results-focused. We combine deep insight and rigorous analysis to develop pragmatic solutions - focusing on the issues that really matter. We are engaging, thought-provoking and we challenge conventional thinking.

Telo Integration is also a Canadian Telco partner, which is more than just quoting, provisioning, and commission payments. We help provide our reseller with marketing assistance, patented pricing tools, and a dedicated complex sales support team that will give you the assistance you need in closing those big deals. 

By entering the Telo integration fold, you will have all the resources you need to win more opportunities.


We integrate your computer networks, infrastructure, phone, data, and security systems. We're dedicated to delivering a network solution to help you efficiently manage your network.


ICT consulting

​Are you worried about your technology reliability? Are you confused about what you really need? Telo Integration can answer all your technology questions to let you focus on growing your business.

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Get the full benefits of an advanced phone network, hosted and managed by Telo Integration Centrex can be easily installed at one or more locations with no major investment or technical expertise.


Get ultra-reliable coast-to-coast Internet access on a dedicated fiber optic supported network. As a leading business IT provider, Telo Integration gives you peace of mind with unlimited data transfer and a rate that will never increase for the duration of your service agreement.


 In a dynamic commercial environment it can be difficult to keep up with competitors without investing large amounts of money. We've come up with a few ways to increase your businesses revenue. 

Some of these include:

  • Numeric Marketing
  • Mobile POS
  • Adding complementary products or services